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What is a Virtual Law Practice? | Mission Viejo

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

What is a Virtual Law Practice? | Mission Viejo: Well, it probably isn't what you are thinking. It is not a law practice run by robots or anything. Actually, a virtual law practice simply means that the law firm can perform all of its legal duties to their client over the internet, or put another way

A virtual law practice discards the traditional brick and mortar law office in exchange for an efficient, cost savings, technology driven model to serve the needs of clients.

Attorneys in a virtual law practice provide all of the same great services as a traditional law firm, however, they aren't tethered to a single location. Because of this fact, virtual law offices can be more flexible and allows clients more convenient access to their attorney. Much, if not all, of the work, can be done over the internet by leveraging various technologies. Moreover, unlike document preparation sites like Legal Zoom and Rocket Lawyer, attorneys are able to provide legal advice and create documents specifically tailored to each client.

The Law Offices of Christopher Gipe is not solely a virtual practice, but it is an integral part of our practice.

We are always looking for ways to provide our clients with a better experience, so a virtual presence was really an easy decision. Our firm was built on the latest technology so that we could provide a greater level of service and that is what having a virtual law presence does. A virtual law practice (or presence) can provide greater access, flexibility, and convenience. More importantly it gives our clients the option to work with us outside of a traditional office environment. They may not take us up on it but the value is that they get to choose. The ball is in there court.

​Utilizing technology to meet the needs of the firm's clients is essential to our business model. We want our clients to have the freedom and flexibility to choose how they interact with us. It is just another way that we can eliminate barriers between our clients and provide quick and consistent results because we are no longer limited by traditional scheduling constraints.

Whether you choose to interact with us in person or virtually, we want to ensure that we are flexible enough to better meet the needs of our clients. Some people may prefer to sit down and meet in person, and we would prefer that as well, but establishing a virtual law presence allows us to provide access to legal services to people who may not have otherwise reached out.


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